Surprise – it’s been seven years!

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I’m not keeping score.  Really, I’m not.

I’ve been cultivating a mediation practice for 7 years now.  Wow.  I only figured that out when I went to put away my 2014 meditation journal and realized I had a bunch of Moleskin notebooks already in storage.

I haven’t re-read any of them.  Never felt the need.  Which is the point of being mindful, I guess.  Those moments were now in the past.

I’ve been tempted to choose other styles of journals (I did covet a red hardcover Moleskin book for a while).  But I kept returning to the idea that I wanted my meditation practice to be regular, steady and reliable.  Changing the journal would distract me from that, I thought.

I remember when I first started, one of my mentors told me that my meditation practice could be something I’d come to rely on.  I didn’t take that too seriously then because I didn’t want the added pressure and responsibility of her comment.  I just made sure I tried to sit and that was enough to make me keep coming back.

I laid the journals out like dominos and put my new 2015 Moleskin notebook on top.  I liked the sameness of them, all together.  Not sure what I’ll do with them.  Maybe I’ll have a ritual burning one day?

I’m thankful for discovering meditation and how the practice has sustained me.  I’m not claiming to be “holier-than-thou” for doing it.  I just know it’s something I have to keep doing because everything makes a little more sense when I make the time to sit with my breath and thoughts.

Mindfulness Meditation at OVC

My life decisions over the last five years are taking me places I never expected to go.  Introducing mindfulness meditation to the students at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) is definitely one of those.

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2014 Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

Before I knew it, the weekend I’d been anticipating for so long had finally arrived.  I was on a plane to Chicago for the 2014 Mindfulness Meditation Retreat, organized by Michele Gaspar, to see old friends and meet some new ones.

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Mindfulness and maple syrup

Call me a modern day pioneer woman.

For my birthday, I received a book called “Modern Pioneering“. The author, Georgia Pellegrini, is a cook, gardener, outdoor adventurer and do-it-yourself kind of gal.  As someone who just got her own Leatherman multi-tool (the Charge AL model, just in case you were wondering), I can identify with her.

In the spirit of self-sufficiency, I’m making my own maple syrup.  This is the third year that my husband and I have done it.  So Canadian, eh?

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VIN 2013 Mindfulness Retreat

I’d forgotten my iPhone in the front seat of the truck, which meant my husband had to turn around and drop it off to me at the train station.  As he passed me the phone, he said “You’re going to work on your mindfulness this weekend, right?”.  Yeah.

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Mindfulness Meditation with VIN

My worlds are colliding.

Family.  Friends.  Work.  Yoga.   I have a tendency to keep these parts of my life separate, in that they don’t seem to mingle much.  For some reason, I don’t tend to mix them all together into one big jumble.  I’m not opposed to it.  Maybe it’s happened because I’m a little introverted and prefer to keep certain things to myself.

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