Back on the train

I love the romanticism of a train ride.  I get to indulge this fantasy as I travel to Toronto for my annual veterinary conference.  Having access to Wifi means I can write and be inspired by the passing scenery.

Starting to relax now, because I don’t have to drive. I needed this break. My schedule has been pretty full with work, family and yoga commitments.  I was feeling a little anxious by the thought of it all.  I channeled it into a theme for the Yin yoga class I taught this week.  My antidote for this was based on a phrase coined by my friend, Michele Gaspar.  Her mantra is “We can only do what time and resources allow.”.  It helped a lot to repeat those words, whenever I had that anxious or overwhelming feeling. It reminded me I can only do so much. It reminded me I can only do one thing at a time.

As I approach the next three days of my meeting, I’m looking forward to learning more about eyes, animal behaviour, how to help older cats with arthritis and many other new ideas.  Might even see some familiar faces and spend some time in non-veterinary related activities (I can have a drink because I’m not the designated driver!).

I’ll also be meeting colleagues at noon each day, to lead a Midday Mindfulness Meditation session.  Something new for this conference and I’m hopeful it will generate interest.  Because taking care of myself, and teaching others how to do the same, is part of how I can take better care of my patients.  Onwards!


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