Mindfulness Meditation with VIN

My worlds are colliding.

Family.  Friends.  Work.  Yoga.   I have a tendency to keep these parts of my life separate, in that they don’t seem to mingle much.  For some reason, I don’t tend to mix them all together into one big jumble.  I’m not opposed to it.  Maybe it’s happened because I’m a little introverted and prefer to keep certain things to myself.

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Something left over for me

I’m physically tired.

There’s been a lot going on.  I had appointments on Saturday AM, then was off to the clinic’s summer party in the afternoon.  I taught two yoga classes on Sunday and did yard work for the remainder of the day.  Back at the clinic the next morning then babysat my nephew for a few hours (changed his diaper twice!!).  Tuesday, I did some research on an interesting case involving hind leg lameness in a very sweet Doberman.

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When Spring appears, I let it

“When it rains, I let it.”

~113 year old man in response to a question on the secret of his longevity

Do you notice when the seasons change?  For me, I mark this time of year with the first appearance of bluebells, daffodils and the magnificence of my neighbour’s magnolia tree in full bloom.  I awaken to the birds as they sing in the morning.  I watch the rain fall into puddles, listen to the wind howl through the trees and observe how the lightning dances across the darkened sky.

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