A weekend with Betsey Downing

What does it take to get to the next level, in yoga or in life?

I picked up some how-to tips by attending a sold-out weekend of workshops at Eastside Yoga Studio, featuring Betsey Downing.  She is a certified Anusara teacher and has her PhD in Sport Psychology.  Dianne was so excited to host one of her teachers and to share the experience with others at the studio.

Here’s a snippet of some of the things I learned from Betsey…

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Yoga school completed!


Dianne gave me the official certificate from Eastside Yoga School this week.  I wasted no time in logging into the Yoga Alliance website and signing up as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

So why did I decide to do yoga school/shala?

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Downward Dog DVM celebrates 1 year!

Don’t you ever wonder where the time goes?

It’s been one year since I started this blog.  Wow!  I’m so happy to be able to write that down.  Here are some of my musings on this auspicious occasion…

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I did my yoga

When is something considered to be a habit?  I think yoga has become that for me because it has permeated my life, thoughts and actions.  I can tell that I approach things a bit differently than I have in the past.  Trust me to say that I’m far from being a saint (ask my family).  But that’s why they call it a yoga practice!  So what have I been doing that makes me say all of this?  I’ve been busy educating myself about yoga and veterinary medicine.

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I taught my first yoga class

Do you remember how it felt to ride a bike for the first time?  The training wheels.  The wobbliness as you tried to travel in a straight line.  Falling over and getting a bruise from the handlebars.  It was all forgotten when you made that first solo ride down the driveway and either managed to stop by yourself or had someone waiting for you at the end.  You did it.

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Final Class for Yoga School

Yoga shala started earlier than usual and Dianne was determined that we stay on schedule.  We needed to take a group photo, write a test, practice yoga, do some kirtan chanting and share in a final feast.  Seemed like an overwhelming to-do list but it all worked out.  I think that time stood still for us that day…or a least we hoped it would.  This was our last class together.

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