Making Space for Silence

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There’s so much external noise, sometimes it’s hard to hear myself think.  Lately, I’ve been trying to make some space.

Starting the Midday Mindfulness Meditation at the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association Conference was a step in that direction.  Compared to last year, better advertising in the program (thank you Patty!) and Twitter (#ovma2015, thank you Melissa!) generated interest amongst attendees.  The fifteen minute sittings had anywhere from 4 to 15 people each day and that’s including myself in the count.  I even bumped into a classmate on the first day, who informed me he already had a meditation practice while in vet school.  Amazing!  I was grateful to see a few other familiar faces, some from VIN on-line groups.  Several people commented how nice it was to have a quiet place to go so they could recharge after being in lectures or walking through the tradeshow.  Hopefully, we can keep the momentum going and make this a regular event at the meeting.

I carried over the theme of making a space for silence, into my Yin yoga class yesterday.  The stories from the meeting were in my head and I was all ready to tell them before we began our practice.  But then I realized, in order to respect silence, it would be better not to say much at all.  Allowing for and holding the space would be enough to feel the silence.  It was magical. I’m always amazed how my yoga practice will manifest, if I draw from a place of authenticity.

Allowing time for quiet and stillness is part of knowing when it’s best to say something or nothing at all.

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