How my cell phone sets me free

I’m out for a lunch break today at Starbucks.  Plugged into their Wifi.  Just a little anxious because I am away from the clinic and my cell phone battery indicator is low, saying it’s almost out of juice.  Not completely dead but getting there.  Left my charger on the desk at work.

Why is this even an issue, you ask?

My cell phone acts as my leash, my safety net, my freedom to leave the clinic for a little while and find some solitude before I head back for the afternoon’s appointments.  Most of the time, the staff don’t need me for that brief period.  They’re more than capable of handling most of the questions that come up.   But then, once in a while, an owner walks in with their sick pet needing urgent care…which is why they call it an emergency.  I’ve got to be available.

Having a little break in my day lets me gather my thoughts and regain my centre.  I’m not completely unwound, don’t get me wrong.  I just need a little space.  It’s that introverted side of me asking for a time out.  Without a cell phone, I wouldn’t be able to take that short drive to the park by the water, grab a tea and sit with a book or write a post for my blog.  Making time for myself in this way rejuvenates me.  I find this brief period of solitude recharges my batteries (unlike that of my dying cell phone!).

So, I try to let go of my own self-created stress regarding my cell phone.  If the battery dies, then I’ll simply head back to the the clinic earlier.  Simple solution.  Funny how a little change of attitude makes all the worry go away.

It’s that yoga thing happening again.  Aparigraha is the niyama that reminds me not to hold onto things too tightly, like thoughts that might be holding me back.  Technology can be demanding, if it’s allowed to be.  This is one example where it has set me free.

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