When Spring appears, I let it

“When it rains, I let it.”

~113 year old man in response to a question on the secret of his longevity

Do you notice when the seasons change?  For me, I mark this time of year with the first appearance of bluebells, daffodils and the magnificence of my neighbour’s magnolia tree in full bloom.  I awaken to the birds as they sing in the morning.  I watch the rain fall into puddles, listen to the wind howl through the trees and observe how the lightning dances across the darkened sky.

I’m reminded of when I was in my last year of high school.  The colourful flowers, the budding trees, the drizzling rain…it all came and went.  I didn’t notice any of it.  I was busy with school, my music, my application to University, finding a date for prom.  All the stuff that’s important at that age.  I’m glad to have done it once but I have no delusions about reliving that time in my life.  In the back of my mind, I knew then that something was wrong.  I was too wrapped up in things to see what was happening around me.  I was living inside my head.

For many years now, I’ve made an effort to slow down and watch for the return of Mother Nature.  It’s going to happen anyhow.  I’m not going to change or stop it.  Instead, I try to be present.  Here and now.  I let go and allow myself time to enjoy the signs of Spring.


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