Paid blog gone bye bye

Just finished cancelling, after two weeks.  I would have needed to start paying tomorrow.  Decided to stick with this free blog hosted by WordPress.

I don’t know how to write code, add plug-ins and all the stuff that is required to manage a blog that is not hosted by WordPress.  For an extra fee, the other host site could do these things.  Not sure that I was ready to get that committed.

I feel a little sad about it all.  Did I really give it a chance?

I wrote an email to Arvind at the A-List Blogging Bootcamp to explain what I had chosen to do.  A little blogger’s remorse, I guess.  I don’t like backing out of things once I start them.

I don’t know where this whole blog thing is gonna go.  No sense fretting about it.  I think I need to enjoy what I am doing right now.  And that’s writing.

About downwarddogdvm

Just a small animal vet trying to live her yoga.
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