Camping out

“I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK…”

There isn’t anything more Canadian than camping and being outdoors.  Taking a three day weekend with my hubby and spending it in MacGregor Point Provincial Park.  It’s on the east coast of Lake Huron.  A six hour drive gets us there but it’ll probably take longer as we make stops to explore the towns along the way.

What I love about camping is that life feels so much simpler.  Cook and eat.  Hike and sleep.  Hang out to read a book or write in my journal.  It’s basic living and I love it.

My first experience of camping was with friends in university.  We went up to Cypress Lake Provincial Park, on the Bruce Peninsula.  Truly a beautiful place.  Rugged rocky terrain, crisp clean Georgian Bay water, fresh air, hiking trails along the coastline, secluded sites to pitch the tent.  It is the yardstick by which I compare all my other camping adventures.  I was disappointed to find it fully booked.  Can’t pine over that for long.

Getting in a daily shower is no longer taken for granted when I am living outside.  MacGregor Point campgrounds have them, which is a real luxury.  In Cypress Lake, I really didn’t miss showering because the open water was available for a refreshing, albeit chilly, swim.  Should I really care if I am a little stinky in the great outdoors?

When I go camping, I feel like I am shedding layers of expectations.  About how I should be dressing.  About where I have to be next.  About when I go to sleep or have to wake up.  I get a better sense of my natural rhythm because I am in direct contact with nature.

And it doesn’t hurt to use the excuse that cell phone service is just terrible out in the woods!

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