The Beginning

I was trying to find a way to cope with a difficult work environment.  Things had not been going well for  a while.  The stress was getting to me.

I’d lost my appetite (I should mention that I LOVE to eat!).  This is not the way to lose weight, I thought.  There had to be something to help me relax the knots in my stomach.  So I signed up for a yoga membership at Eastside Yoga Studio.

It seemed to work because, here I am 20 months later, back in my life as a small animal veterinarian and tons happier.  To boot, I submitted my application for yoga teacher training at Eastside Yoga Studio and was accepted today!

This blog is going to be about how I am living my yoga as I continue with my “other life” as a small animal vet.

About downwarddogdvm

Just a small animal vet trying to live her yoga.
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