The Application

The first ever yoga teacher training for Eastside Yoga Studio is being offered this September.  How exciting!  Dianne, owner & teacher, had been hinting at a big, new development for the month of June.

Me and yoga teacher training?  Why not?  I had been playing around with the idea. This wasn’t about me trying to quit my day job!   If Dave Farmar can be a yoga teacher and an architect, why can’t I have two lives?  I enjoy my practice and feel ready to do a little more exploring in the world of yoga.

I downloaded the application from the website on the day that it became available.  What a yoga geek!

The app seemed pretty straight forward.  I started to fill in a few lines, to see how it went.  I swear, the sentences just wrote themselves.  This was one of the easiest forms that I ever had to fill out because I was not forcing myself to do it.  It felt like the form wanted to be done.  This had to be a sign!

The app was done three days later.  I handed it in.  “This is the first one!”, Dianne shouted gleefully.

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Just a small animal vet trying to live her yoga.
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