Thanksgiving 2013

My school teacher friend was excited to show me a book from the “We Day” event she’d attended with her students in Toronto.  The book gave page upon page of problems that North American kids might complain about.  Like no Wifi in the bathroom stall.  Or having your latte order butchered.  Stuff that might bring down the day for a kid.  Craig and Marc Kielburger tell kids they need to put this all in perpsective, while not talking down to them.  Just watch the video about “My Grandma follows me on Twitter” and it’ll have you laughing and thinking all at the same time.

My friend’s grade 7 kids seemed to understand the message that was delivered.  Getting through to that age group can be tough since they rely more on peer influence than anything adults might have to say.

Humour helps to bring reality into full view, whether it’s aimed at kids or adults.  I get anxious when my iPhone can’t receive data in the USA without an extra charge.  I’m upset when someone cuts me off in traffic only to see them rushing to get to the Tim Horton’s drive thru.  I worry about what to do with leftovers from dinner.  Wow.  All first world problems that have no relevancy in countries where girls can’t even count on getting an education, there’s no such thing as a personal vehicle or a drive thru and they would devour my leftovers in a heartbeat.

Today, I am being thankful for my first world problems.

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