Hanging out

After a half day at the clinic on Saturday, I had the luxury of not doing much for the rest of the weekend.  No agenda.  It’s a hard place for me to get to but, once I’m there, I remember how good it feels to not be pulled around by my to-do list.

Sure, I still had laundry to wash, dishes to do, invitations to family events, meals to cook…ended up making myself a fantastic tomato and olive pasta sauce for ricotta ravioli.  Yum!.  But most of the other things were put on the back burner.  They’d get done if they fit into my day of hanging out.  Had a few other shopping errands to do, but again, it wasn’t crucial that they be done.  I’d do it if I felt like it.  (I get a great sense of freedom in writing that statement.)

Did a little reading for yoga school.  Wasn’t trying to achieve anything.  Just enjoying the read.

I even took a nap!  Yep, I was going all the way.  No guilt.  I was taking this lounging around thing seriously.

Like I said, I don’t do this often enough.  A little bit of self-indulgence, to do what I want to do.  It’s my nature to want to please others.  I forget that I have to take care of myself too, or there will be nothing left of me to give to others.

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Just a small animal vet trying to live her yoga.
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