Goodbye my friend

I’m feeling a bit blue today.

My sister told me that her close friend had passed away on the weekend, from ovarian/breast cancer.  I’d had several occasions to interact with her over the last 8 years or so.  She was vibrant, athletic and only in her early thirties.  Truly a beautiful person, inside and out.  The thought of her stayed with me but I didn’t really realize how much until last night.

I was one of two yoginis from teacher training that went to assist with a Yoga Basics class.  Dianne used us as models to help the new students visualize the poses.  It was fun to be helpful but a little strange to be demonstrating in front of a group of people, some of whom I’d been practicing with for a few years.  I tried to breathe, close my eyes and focus on doing the poses.

When we finally laid down for a 5 minute rest, my day caught up with me.  In the quiet and stillness of Savasana, I started thinking about my sister’s friend.  I couldn’t help but well up with a few tears.  I wasn’t sad for me.  I was mourning for her family.  My classmate from yoga school noticed that I wasn’t quite myself after practice.  I told her why I was a little choked up and she kindly let me be.

The wake is today.  I’ll be there to honour the memory of my sister’s friend and to provide her family with some moral support.

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