Shopping for yoga books

I’ve been perusing the list of required texts for yoga teacher training.  Looking longingly at the titles but haven’t taken the plunge to purchase yet since I still have to pay off the rest of my tuition for yoga school.  Tactical management of the credit card statement, if you know what I mean.  The Ontario government is going to institute the HST tax, starting July 1st.  Fortunately, this will not increase the cost of books but it is a reminder that I should get cracking on my order.

Dropped by the local Big Box bookstore, just to see if any of them were available.  I’ve been checking out yoga books on and off over the last year.  How the world has changed!  When I first started looking, there were a few books and videos in stock giving an introduction to yoga or describing how to do basic poses.  Found them in the health and exercise section with the Pilates manuals.  I went this week and noticed that there were five whole shelves devoted to yoga philosophy, meditation and asana.  Talk about going mainstream!

Shopping on-line is my other option.  Will probably go this route, since it seems to save me a few bucks.  Not much difference between new and used, once I factored in the extra cost of shipping for the older books.

Went to yoga class last week and found out that Dianne added another book to the list!

I’m going to have to clear out some space on my shelves, which are currently stuffed with cookbooks (my other hobby and passion).  An eclectic book collection…but they put a smile on my face when I see them all lined up!

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