Giving and Receiving

Anne posted on Facebook that she was looking for a few good yoginis.

Was there anyone out there that would be able to give an hour of their time for a Yin and Yoga Nidra practice, to help her promote her studio?  She’d have Erika take photos of this event and use them to update her website for Freedom Yoga Studio.

Four of us responded to her request.  It ended up that all three “seasons” from Dianne’s yoga teacher training school were being represented.  Me, from the first year.  Anne and Erika from the second year.  Three yogini grads from the most recent class.  It was amazing to think about how we had all come together – through our interactions at the studio, via social media and finally our mutual love of yoga.  I find myself in awe when my worlds swirl together like that.

I finished my Saturday morning appointments at the clinic and then headed on over to her home studio.  Got there early, without rushing around.  Anne offered her hospitality and a cup of tea.

Eventually, we stepped into Anne’s home studio…and I could feel the serenity right away.  The four of us settled onto our mats while Anne started guiding us through a slow Yin flow.  Erika snapped pics but after awhile, I don’t think I even noticed.  Especially when we moved into the restful Nidra practice.  I’m pretty sure that I was awake for all of it but I was suprised about how I lost track of time as I listened to Anne’s hypnotic voice.

When the practice finally came to a close, we all had to take a pause.  What a wonderful experience!  Although I’m speaking for others, I sensed that the four of us felt that we had received something very special in our time on the mat.  It was truly an hour of surrender or ishvara pranidhana.

And to top it all off, Anne fed us with appetizers and more tea afterwards!  She said her grandma had drilled in her the need to feed guests.  Kudos to her grannie.

This was a gathering that left a positive impression.  There was a real sense of community.  An honest and free offering of help.  An exchange of goodwill (is that the tea and appetizers talking to me?) from the teacher to the students.  I’m so fortunate to have met these ladies and share my love of yoga with them!  It is in this practice and by working together that we can transcend and become more than just the one.



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