There and back again, on the train

Third time’s the charm, so they say.

It was late April and I was off to attend the last week of my veterinary acupuncture course in Toronto.  And finally, I had a successful round trip train ride.  Yeah!

Lots of room, cart service with beverages & snacks, free WiFi.  Even had my own seat, there & back.  Luxury.

I daydreamed about what it was like to travel by train, back in the day when it was the height of transportation.

I passed the time by studying my veterinary acupuncture notes, working on my computer and surfing the web.  I didn’t feel drained from the “extra” work.  I was relaxed.  I reminded myself to pause & take in the scenery as we sped along the tracks.

On the way back home, I listened in on a conversation between two young women who sat right behind me.  They were on board for only an hour.  Their thrill was chugging the three cans of beer that they smuggled on board.  Then I watched the parents of one of the women greet them both and drive them away.  Fascinating.

I was satisfied.  I was travelling by myself.  And I enjoyed every bit of it.

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