My 100 word story

Inspired by the Kobo & Jeffrey Archer “Want your 100 Words” contest

I noticed the blood on the wall, as soon as I walked back into the room.

How was I going to explain this one?

I opened the window to let in some fresh air and give myself time to think.  There was too much evidence to hide.  The blunt, shiny, handheld instrument.  The signs of struggle.  The sad eyes from the body that lay still and unmoving on the bed.  My husband would be here any minute.

From that moment onwards, I promised myself that I would never trim my dog’s nails at home again.



  • Chuckles!!! I know how you feel! We vets are the worst owners! Loving your blog, I can feel the positive energy all around. I saw your message in my Tumblr, but I’m such a newbie dummy that I could’t find a way to reply to it, or even post a comment on your Tumblr… I’m hopeless! Imagine my surprise finding another vet on FPM scavenger hunt! Well, you found me, actually. Great to meet you. Hugo – CommunityVet

    • DownwardDogDVM

      Hi Community Vet,

      So happy to connect with you.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  It’s encouraging to know that you, as a colleague especially, find my writing interesting.  I’m still feeling out where I can fit D3 into the veterinary world.

      As for being a newbie blogger, hey, we all had to start somewhere.  If you need any help, feel free and shoot me a message on my Tumblr page by clicking on the the icon that looks like an envelope.  That should send a private message to me.  I just sent one to you so keep an eye out for it.

      All for now,

  • Elliott Garber

    Ha, I love this! Just found your blog through a suggestion from Twitter. It’s always fun to find another vet who enjoys writing. I’ve toyed with some flash fiction as well but haven’t submitted anything yet.

    • DownwardDogDVM

      Hi Elliott,

      Thanks for your kind words. Very happy to meet another writer/vet! I think that using my right brain to create stories and posts helps my left brain be more logical when I need to think about how to help my animal patients.

      I’m off to check out your Twitter page and blog. It seems you have a unique perspective on our profession and I’m excited to read more.

      All for now,