Yoga with my sister

I’ve been a member at the studio for a couple of years now.  Finally got to share the experience with my younger sister, who was visiting for the holidays.  She’s been living in Yellowknife, NWT for the last 3 years.  Quite the trip to get back home.

She only had 9 days to do a whole bunch of things.  Visit with my family and her fiance’s family.  See friends.  Organize her wedding for next July.  To top it all off, she lost a day when the plane got held over and they missed their connecting flight.

It meant a lot that she wanted to do yoga with me.  She’d been into it long before I’d even shown an interest.  Hadn’t practiced much since she left town.  So when we got to the studio to take a free class as part of the “12 Days of Yoga”, it was just nice to spend the time in the same space and be together.

Kind of surreal.  I mean, my worlds (yoga, work, friends) haven’t really intersected yet.  My husband has practiced at Eastside several times.  I’ve met new friends through the studio.  But so far, yoga has been my personal journey.  Can’t really describe this feeling of merging the different parts of my life into one.  That’s why sharing my yoga experience with my sister meant so much to me.

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    Thanks, big sis. I have to say I loved the overall experience of practicing yoga with you too. Although I have to say that my special “sharing of my life, in general”-experience with you happened much earlier – when you moved back to Windsor after your professional schooling days….which seemed to last FOREVER, btw!

    Having you in the same city meant I got to know you better, but at that time, I was more grown up and not, from my perspective, not your little “bratty” sister! Lol.

    Sharing yoga with you was just icing on the cake, my friend. Maybe someday it’ll become more of a regular occurrence. Who knows what the future will hold and where it will take Paul and I. =)

    Love lots,

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      Your sis