Will work for food

I’ve seen a woman hanging out on the sidewalk of this busy intersection in my neighbourhood.  Driven by her at least a half dozen times this month on my commute to the clinic.  Saw her again tonight.

She is slim, neat and appears young but I can’t tell how old.  Sometimes, she wears big round designer sunglasses.  Other days she sports a yellow baseball cap.  Flip flops, casual tanks and shorts appears to be her uniform.

She walks back and forth along the block, holding up a worn, flimsy piece of cardboard with words hand-written in black marker.  “Will work for food”, it says.

I see other people in their cars watch her as they drive by.  Haven’t seen anyone stop to talk to her.  I’ve watched her leave post on two occasions.  Once with food in a plastic grocery bag.  The second time with a bag of McDonald’s take-out.

Who is she?

Should I ask if she needs help?

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