Waiting patiently

Today, my mom asked me what my yoga practice has done for me.  Has it helped me physically?  Mentally?

She asked me this as we’re waiting in the ER room of the Marlborough Hospital, in Massachusetts.  Don’t worry, I’m fine.  Just a little glitch during a vacation with my parents to visit my sister and her family.  My dad told us this morning that he ran out of his heart medication.  And it’s the Friday morning before Labour Day weekend.  The only place that would refill his prescription was the doctor at the emerg.  You gotta understand the irony of this.  My dad’s a physician himself.

So while he was being processed by the triage nurse and registration, I waited.  Patiently.  Or at least tried to.

And pondered the question, “what has yoga done for me?”.

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Just a small animal vet trying to live her yoga.
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