Truly thankful for so much

Just finished celebrating Thanksgiving.  In Canada, our big turkey dinner happens in October.  Lots of food.  Lots of family.  Lots of sun in the sky.  Mother Nature granted us an idyllic long weekend.  I can’t remember when we’ve had such a long stretch of fantastic Fall weather.

Besides Thanksgiving, there was so much to see and do.  I took my husband to see a live musical performance and enjoyed a hearty laugh.  I baked bread in a Dutch oven over live coals, cowboy-style.  I watched the farmers on their combines as they harvested the soybeans in the darkness of the night.

And it was still beautiful today.

It was a perfect time to be outdoors.  In what has become an annual ritual, I gathered up all the ripe tomatillos in the garden.  I like seeing the little green tomatoes with their papery husks.  They come up every year on their own, which is the kind of gardening that suits me best.  Planning to make some yummy salsa verde and then kick back with a cold beverage!

Such simple things that I often forget to appreciate fully.  Tried to be mindful of this, all day long.  I am truly thankful for all of it.

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