2013 Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

I’d forgotten my iPhone in the front seat of the truck, which meant my husband had to turn around and drop it off to me at the train station.  As he passed me the phone, he said “You’re going to work on your mindfulness this weekend, right?”.  Yeah.

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Mindfulness Meditation with VIN

My worlds are colliding.

Family.  Friends.  Work.  Yoga.   I have a tendency to keep these parts of my life separate, in that they don’t seem to mingle much.  For some reason, I don’t tend to mix them all together into one big jumble.  I’m not opposed to it.  Maybe it’s happened because I’m a little introverted and prefer to keep certain things to myself.

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Finding comfort in meditation

While I was attending some veterinary conferences this year, I shared a hotel room.  On both occasions, I was with people that I’d known for many years.  It was a luxury to spend time together, since we don’t get to socialize that often.  However, being away from home is always a little disruptive to my daily schedule.  All the familiar surroundings are absent and the routine gets forgotten in the excitement.

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