This student is ready

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” – Buddhist proverb

It’s less than two weeks from the start of yoga teacher training.  I admit to being a yoga geek so there’s definite excitement in my anticipation of what lies ahead.  But I’m trying to curb my enthusiasm.  It’s humbling to know how much there is to learn.

Dianne emailed our first written assignment, which is due at class #1.  She’s not wasting any time getting us started!  This budding blogger was more than happy to write about yoga.  My biggest problem was trying to keep it short.  I’ve marked a few papers in my past and I’m aware of what makes a good one.  Trying to keep those things in mind while I edit my own assignment.

I’m almost sure that she’s filled the quota of 12 students.  All women, I think.  No men.  It would be nice to have a guy or two in the mix.  Yoga used to be practiced mostly by men in India while, in the West,  it’s predominately women.  I read some theories on why that may have happened based on how yoga was introduced in the United States. My point is that sometimes men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  The different genders may have different points of views with respect to philosophy and asanas.  I’d like to explore that.  Dianne has opened up the philosophy weekend intensive to anyone who might be interested.  That ought to bring in a few more people.

Got a sticky mat, the recommended texts and a couple of notebooks to jot down important concepts.  I’ll pack a few snacks and some water to keep me going through that inaugural Sunday afternoon.  I’m ready.

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