Observing a Yoga Practice

As part of yoga teacher training, I spent some time this week observing classes.  Being a fly on the wall, so to speak.  It’s so different watching compared to actually participating in the class.  Like being in a pose that puts my head lower than my heart, I start to view things from a different perspective.

The idea is to see how a class is put together.  Each teacher follows a different school of yoga and has developed their own style.  I listen to how they use words, music and the tone of their voice to guide students through the poses.  I notice how they make adjustments and use demonstrations during the practice.  The energy can be calm, chatty or casual.  I have to submit a brief write-up about each practice that I observe.  It’s a chance to reflect on what I saw and then perhaps incorporate some parts into my own teaching style.  Funny.   I remember thinking at a yoga workshop, “Why are some people taking notes?”.  Now I understand what they were doing.  And I’m grateful that the teachers at Eastside are so open to sharing their time.

Every class is unique too because of the mix of people that attend.  Some like to do yoga in the early morning and others prefer to do it after work.  There are practices where the same, devoted regulars return to their mat and share stories with friends.  There are sessions attracting those that are new to yoga.  There’s a mix of everything in between.

I’m enjoying this chance to look at yoga from another angle.  I like being able to pick apart the components of a pose, a class and even the philosophy behind it all.  Deepening my practice was why I took the leap into yoga teacher training.  It’s turning out to be a fascinating journey.  Stay tuned!

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