Eastside Yoga Teacher Training – Season 3

Is it that time already?  You betcha!

Another crop of eager yogis started at shala this past Sunday.  This is the third season that Dianne is taking students for training at the studio.  I’m glad to be an assistant again, along with two other teachers at ESY.

It was fun to watch the yogis (10 female and 1 male, so I’ll use that term generically) interact during the first Sunday afternoon.  I got to experience it through their beginner’s eyes.  We had a 30 minute practice on the mat, talked about the yamas and niyamas (the first 2 out of the 8 limbs of yoga), and generally got to know a little more about each other.

How will the next 6 months come to shape them?  It’ll be interesting to see.

May they enjoy the journey!


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