I taught my first yoga class

Do you remember how it felt to ride a bike for the first time?  The training wheels.  The wobbliness as you tried to travel in a straight line.  Falling over and getting a bruise from the handlebars.  It was all forgotten when you made that first solo ride down the driveway and either managed to stop by yourself or had someone waiting for you at the end.  You did it.

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Final Class for Yoga School

Yoga shala started earlier than usual and Dianne was determined that we stay on schedule.  We needed to take a group photo, write a test, practice yoga, do some kirtan chanting and share in a final feast.  Seemed like an overwhelming to-do list but it all worked out.  I think that time stood still for us that day…or a least we hoped it would.  This was our last class together.

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Compassionate Cuisine workshop with Renee

Food, glorious food!  I love to eat.  I love to cook.  I love to talk about eating and cooking too.  It seemed that there were lots of people just as excited to do the same because the studio was packed for Renee’s presentation on how to eat with compassion.

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A Quiz at Yoga School

It was time to test our knowledge again.  Dianne gave us a short half hour quiz to see how much we’d retained since returning to yoga school after the holidays.  She tried to keep it casual.  The questions covered material on the chakras, Ayurveda medicine and yoga therapy.  Just enough to tickle the brain and make sure that all the neurons were still firing.   Continue reading

Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Been a busy week.  Didn’t have much chance to sit at the computer and write.  I find that I miss it when I don’t leave time for personal reflection.  Trying to carve out a little space now, between work and home.  Although I don’t have kids (and I’m “between pets”, as I like to say), I do manage to fill up my days.  Nice to know that I have a life!

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Ayurveda Workshop with Dr. Sisira

No asanas for this Sunday session of shala.  We learned about Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, from Dr. Sisira Premarathna.  A gentle, quiet man who learned his craft from his father and grandfather.  A third generation Ayurvedic doctor.  One of my classmates has been seeing him for a while now and she’s thrilled with the results.

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Yoga therapy with Lynn Medow

One of the many things that I enjoy about yoga school is learning from the teachers who had trained Dianne.  They’ve been extremely supportive in the development of the shala at Eastside Yoga.  They’ve had experience with yoga, in how it affects them and others.  And although they profess otherwise, these women seem to know themselves based on the stories that they tell during workshops at the studio.  They’ve studied many styles of yoga and assimilated the information discerningly.  Like true yoginis, they graciously share their knowledge with us.

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